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At the age of 32, she has found that her passion and advocacy has led to phenomenal entrepreneurial success.

In the last 2 years Valerie has been asked to speak all over the country on issues related to long-term care, long-term care insurance, and caregiving. When the federal government decided to offer their own long-term care insurance plan to all federal employees, military, and retirees, Valerie was selected as one of 16 presenters to travel the nation. In the last year alone, she has done over 200 presentations to well over 10,000 consumers nationwide. (

She has been a featured guest on many radio programs, and is the Long-Term Care Expert for Valerie also authored a monthly column titled, “Your Elder Care Resource”, and has authored three books.

Her latest publication is due out in early October of this year. Her new book is: “AGING ANSWERS: Secrets to Successful Long-Term Care Planning, Caregiving, and Crisis Senior Leisure Links Management”.

VanBooven states, “I wrote the book based on all of the questions and concerns I hear on a daily basis from consumers across the country. People want real-life, down to earth advice on planning ahead for their own long-term care needs. They also want to know the REAL scoop on caring for an aging parent. There needs to be a resource for those AGING ANSWERS!”

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You see, Leisure for Senior we’re more like a resort than a retirement community. A resort that you have to be 62 to join, of course. You will have your own private apartment home. You will live as you always have, but you won’t have to deal with stuff like, oh, mowing the lawn, fixing a leaky pipe, or even vacuuming. And here’s the good part—that will free up your time so you can have as much fun as possible. Wildomar Senior Leisure Community is a gated community for seniors of age 55 and better. Located within a beautiful garden setting, Wildomar Senior offers both Independent Living as well as Assisted Living apartments.

There are 140 one-bedroom and 36 two-bedroom units in the Independent Living Community.These independent apartments are 525 sq. ft. for the one-bedroom units and 650 sq. ft for the two bedroom units. All are well designed with large kitchens, living rooms and each having a deck or private patio courtyard. Access to the upper floor is by handicapped elevator or staircases. Most units are positioned to enjoy the views of the surrounding valley, night-lights and mountains. Each unit has its own covered carport. Each building cluster has its own laundry room for the residents to use. Extensive walkways connect buildings with parking and garden areas. Handicap ramps inter-connect all units to mail boxes, laundry rooms, parking and community recreation center. Independent living residents are welcome to dine in the assisted living dining room by Leisure for Senior meal cards from the kitchen staff.

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any are the delights that Leisure for Seniors await you as a Leisure Care resident. You will be pampered. You will be treated like royalty. You will be free to have more fun than Elvis did in that movie, Blue Hawaii. And if that doesn’t sound like any retirement community you’ve ever heard of, you are correct. Myer Travel has a fantastic opportunity for a proactive individual with strong selling skills and product knowledge to join the Travel Team as a Senior Leisure Travel Consultant in our new Docklands Retail office.

As an experienced Travel Consultant building rapport with your clients, understanding their needs and predicting what they want is second nature to you. Your expert knowledge in leisure travel, coupled with your Leisure for Seniors exemplary client service will see you succeed in this exciting role.

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There really is no telling what a great time you can have at a Leisure Care Retirement Community. But, then again, Seniors Leisure think how much fun it will be just to try and find out. Fittingly, our Guest Services staff will do everything with that goal in mind. We don’t like to brag (okay, maybe a little), but Leisure Care was one of the first to offer assisted living services in a community environment AND true restaurant dining. And what, you may ask, does that mean for you? Well just remember, if you do something for such a long time, you tend to get very, very good at it. Just so you know.

If you would like to learn more about the Senior Club, click here. This weekly Club connects seniors with exclusive activities, as well as other Addison Park District wide special events, classes, programs and offerings. The Club also works with community organizations to offer many activities and local business support the center with donations and event sponsorships. Give your physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual wellness a kick with our Seniors Leisure wellness and lifestyle support program. Lift weights, play sports, try out an aquatics class and more—you’ll feel oh-so-good.

Senior Leisure GPS

Our Senior Leisure program—the first of its kind (oops, there we go bragging again)—offers trips to several popular vacation destinations each year. All are escorted and coordinated by familiar staff members, so your only concerns: Land or sea? SPF15 or 30? And, of course, one-piece or two-piece? For more information about joining a Leisure Care retirement community, please don’t hesitate to.

Completed in 1994, Addison Park District’s Senior Leisure Center was designed to meet the activity needs of Addison seniors. Surrounded by a beautiful, scenic park, it provides over 7,000 square feet of activity space in the form of various multi-purpose rooms. These rooms can be combined to accomodate groups of up to 300 people. The full Senior Leisure range of amenities at the Center include